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The Spy Who Outwitted The Nazis – Eddie Chapman

Forget James Bond, Austin Powers, Jason Bourne… Today we’re looking at the person who I think is the greatest spy of all time. And this one isn’t even fictional, although his story is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe... Continue Reading →

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Feminism is a ‘Funny Word’ – Why has ‘feminism’ become such a taboo?

Words are fickle things. If used by enough people in a certain way, to convey a certain message, they can change meaning entirely. That’s how language works… how it evolves. But sometimes this can be problematic, and no more so... Continue Reading →

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The Story of Napoleon’s ‘Boney Part’

Napoleon Bonaparte - the Emperor of France who was ultimately defeated in the 1815 Battle of Waterloo - is pretty much one of the most studied historical figures of all time. Scores of textbooks have been written about him… about... Continue Reading →

Family Musings – One From The Archive

I wrote this essay-type-thing one late evening in March 2013, when I was in the middle of my first year of university. I recently stumbled upon it when sorting through my computer, and found it strangely odd to see into... Continue Reading →

Why Is Minimal Drinking So Weird?

‘You’ve never thrown up from too much alcohol?’ Comes the often-appalled response of my peers when I tell them of my mediocre drinking habits. ‘Oh we sooooo need to get you absolutely wasted sometime’. No. No you don’t. I’ve never... Continue Reading →

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